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Engage in an immersive experience of discovery, exploration, and experimentation

through an unparalleled facilitation curated by WOWWOWWOW.

Corporate, institution, or individual, WOWWOWWOW has illuminating

workshops and programmes tailored to the finest degree.

"Learning never exhausts the mind..."

Leonardo Da Vinci

Italian Renaissance Polymath

WOW_Workshop_Inthewild_IG - updated copy

...Into The Wild Workshop

Exploratory Workshop

3 HRS | SGD 120

WOW_Workshops_ForWeb_WorkingFile-2 copy.

The Insightful Workshop

Photography Workshop

3 HRS | SGD 320

TheFearlessDrawing_SocialMedia - updated

The Fearless Drawing Workshop

Immersive Workshop

3 HRS | SGD 120

5+1Senses_SocialMedia - updated.png

5 + 1 Senses Workshop;

Ways of Sensing

Experiential Workshop

3 HRS | SGD 120

Art_IsIt_SocialMedia - updated.png

Art...Is It!

Portfolio Workshop

6 HRS | SGD 120

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