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5 + 1 Senses Workshop;

Ways of Sensing

Experiential Workshop

3 HRS | SGD 120

5+1 Senses_Workshop banner.png


Listen to the resonance of the seashells,

take in the scent of fresh flowers by the wayside,

feel the texture of the terrains,

dissect and savour the produce of the season

and do macro-micro observations of the everyday.


A completely hands-on artist-led workshop of exploring

and rediscovering sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and beyond.

Challenge yourself. Take the leap and partake in this experiential

art journey to create and to make sense of the world around us!


Explore art possibilities with acclaimed multi-winning artist

Discover contemporary art approaches and mediums

Develop keen senses through art creations

Create exhibition-worthy piece of artwork


Open to all ages.

No prior knowledge required!

For enquires email


Workshop series conceptualized and organized by WOWWOWWOW

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