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The Insightful Workshop

Photography Workshop

3 HRS | SGD 320

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Sherlock Holmes once said, “we see but we do not observe.” In our multifaceted world

today, there is definitely more than meets the eye. Rediscover the world through the

viewfinder in our photography workshop today. Here you learn the technical jargon of

photography (e.g. composition, exposure, etc.), but beyond that, rethink how you

can recreate, recapture, and reinterpret the world around you today.


Mastery of exposure, composition and putting photography concepts

into practice through a guided day/evening shoot

Discover different ways of interpreting a photograph or theme

Deliver an exhibition worthy piece at the end of the course


Open to all ages above 7 years.

No prior knowledge required!

For enquires email


Workshop series conceptualized and organized by WOWWOWWOW

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