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National Museum of Singapore

The year is 2021: the world is anew after experiencing a global pandemic. Once-barren places are regaining some of their former life and bustle. Yet everything seems to be perceived through a new lens; memories become relics of the future

and the positioning of the body in space is effectuating a different set of recollections from its predecessors.

The quintessential question to ask in this new era is thus: was i here

To engage the community in a thoughtful discussion of this question, WAS I HERE was conceptualised and presented.

A threefold social art programme debuting at the National Museum of Singapore, the WAS I HERE movement encompasses a public installation, a digital experience and an artist-led workshop. At the heart of WAS I HERE lies the core themes of presence, identity and place. The timely movement intends to posit to its audience notions of existence and

legacy, calling to attention our common identity as inhabitants of our shared space and moments.

Above all else, WAS I HERE is a social movement. It aims to connect and dialogue with its audience through an experience that comprises the inquiry of thought, the fulfillment of connection and the celebration of shared experience.

Through this engagement, one can truly say, I WAS HERE.

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To signup please email

National Museum Singapore

93 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178897

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