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Spaces in Spacing: Reserved
  • Spaces in Spacing: Reserved

    Reserved focuses on the relationship between the individual and the spaces he visits, and the exchanges and histories that result from such interactions. A parking facility - a temporal and transitional space brings to mind suggestions of people, their sets of wheels together with their baggage, moving and coming to a rest, before moving off again. Parking also connotes future destinations and journeys, and streaks of the past and the histories of this humble little space lie captured in the petrol-stained floor. The image also highlights a duality between presence and absence, and between past activity and inactivity. The absence will soon enough be replaced with a presence, and the presence will exit to give rise to an absence and the pattern repeats.

    Beyond this parking lot however, lies another space and the deliberate centering of this window through a somewhat symmetrically composed perspective draws one to this other dimension beyond. The saturated hue of the space seen through the window gives it a surreal quality, and adds to the mystery of what is beyond this window. Is the space beyond, being an extension of this space, also a space that bears the remnants of our activity and presence?

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