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Spaces in Spacing: Now Showing

Spaces in Spacing: Now Showing

What is now showing in the very space we have become part of at this moment? What is the narrative that is going on right now?

NOW SHOWING explores the relationship between individuals and the spaces they are in, and the narratives and stories that result from such interactions. The void that has now become what used to be a cinema signboard used to publicize films that were showing at that moment, invites some thoughts about the stories and images it had housed and the people who had engaged with these stories and images.

Quietly evocative, this work is part of a wider attempt to encourage a contemplative study of our surrounding spaces. It invites another look at the spaces around us and wonders how much of what we see is the result of what we bring to the space and we want to see. It invites a greater sensitivity to spaces that we inhabit, and the effect that our presence has on these spaces.

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