Singapore Art Museum 8Q 2009

SHOWCASE NUMBER EIGHT //////// is a retail outfit that brings art creations and art ownerships together to form a new and untapped synergy. Marrying the creative passion of art with the desire of art lovers to fashion the space around them, //////// aspires to make Singapore Art and Design more accessible and to bring art and design into a greater myriad of spaces. As a producing outfit, //////// manages a pool of creative talents to create greater exposure for their creative output. At the same time, it creates the platform for greater participation in the arts and designs through emphasis on co-creation and active ownership of the art and design making process.

As a retail outfit, SHOWCASE NUMBER EIGHT //////// aims to promote the appreciation of well designed, high quality Singapore Art and Design merchandise through increasing participation in the creation and appreciation processes. Grounded on a firm belief that art and design can cut across social boundaries such as language, and social-economic status, //////// aspires for a society where people can have a more personal experience interacting with art and design, and where the art and design making and owning process can be an accessible one for all.

Concept Design / Design & Build / Branding / Marketing / Project Development and Management