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I WAS HERE is a life-sized cement sculpture. Conceived to be a travelling piece, it garnered widespread popularity and appeal, making its rounds in a number of key institutions in Singapore since its inception. The work complicates the ease with which viewers accept who they are and what it means to be present, teasing at narcissistic impulses of many who seek to leave their footprints behind or to take away a piece of the space they once inhabited. 

The sculpture is cast in stark and neutral concrete screed and measuring to a height of 1.8 metres. The choice of materials used and its sheer size also evoke feelings of monumentality and draw in viewers due to its dominating presence. Yet the structural permanence embodies in these concrete letter blocks seems to run contrary to the themes of transient presence and moments in time; in such a fluid world, can one attempt to cement one’s identity and one presence? I WAS HERE currently resides at the National University of Singapore University Cultural Centre, and hopes to continue to explore new places.

Concept   |   Design   |   Build   |   Branding

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