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Interactive Digital Experience

The Curtain is conceived as a response to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Against the backdrop of the

unprecedented and challenging times, it stands as a symbol of hope and renewal for its audience and aims

to unite them under the common grounds of optimism and solidarity.

Conceptualised as an immersive sculptural piece and digitally presented on an online platform, the artwork opens up a

unique space for the audience to explore the threshold between the physical and metaphysical. The robust yet delicate

artwork juxtaposes the strength of its materiality with the fluidity of its form and aspires to be in between worlds and a window

for imagination and contemplation. The artwork marries formal rigour with elemental forces, manifesting this in a digital space

and utilising it to push the boundaries of realism. The experience is enjoyed through any handheld device, allowing the artwork to be immensely accessible and ubiquitous.

As a reflection of the extraordinary circumstances that have arisen in the present day, The Curtain is located in a space

where the digital and physical realms co-exist, unveiling a new way with which we experience and understand our worlds. Transcending geographical, linguistic and cultural boundaries, it is a centrepiece of hope that can be visited,

appreciated and celebrated by everyone.

Concept   |   Design   |   Build   |   Digital Experience

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