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A Truly WAS I HERE Moment Workshop

Immersive Workshop

3 HRS | SGD 45

/// per participant; includes all workshop materials ///


A three-year-old can do it. Some thirty-year-old can’t. 

It is a simple and basic skill, yet many people haven’t had a clue.

Come on board a journey of discovery as you learn the art of drawing.

From the many ways of holding a pencil to the multitude of techniques you can use

to create an art piece, we invite you to draw your way to a

relentless appetite for creativity and imagination.

Discover the limits of your mind.

Embrace new ways of seeing.

And discover within yourself a courage and fearlessness you have never known.


Engage in a hands-on artist-led workshop

Discover contemporary art approaches and mediums

Appreciate relationships between subjects and objects in drawings

Create exhibition-worthy art pieces

Workshop is facilitated by award-winning artist Francis Ng


Open to all ages above 12 years.

No prior knowledge required!

For enquires email


Workshop series conceptualized and organized by WOWWOWWOW

Register Your Interest

Please feel free to reach out for workshop sign ups and enquires.

We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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