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Kallang Riverside Park

Set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, IMAGINE is a motivational sculpture that aspires to inspire. Amidst the series of bleak events that have been transpiring in the world, the sculpture encourages the audience to ‘Imagine’ better days ahead, uplifting spirits and empowering people to reclaim a sense of optimism in the process.


Drawing inspiration from the highly influential song ‘Imagine’  by John Lennon which was conceived as a response to the ongoing Vietnam War during its time, IMAGINE adopts a similar tone of contemplative optimism to address the disquieting effects of COVID-19. IMAGINE invites its audience to push the limits of their imagination and re-frame their expectations of the future, urging them to adopt a ‘dare to dream’ mindset. In an unprecedented era when external occurrences and stimuli can be overwhelming and inundating, IMAGINE encourages people to look inward and within, as well as outward and far-reaching,

as a testament of the remarkability and resilience of imagination and the human mind.


Standing as a centrepiece of hope and solidarity, IMAGINE inspires its audience to aspire,

uniting them under the common front full of unbridled optimism and idealism.

Concept   |   Design   |   Build   |   Sculpture

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