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Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

The “I” in “You” is an installation sculpture that is designed for the public space at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. Comprising “I” steel members agglomerated to form a diamond-shaped profile, the sculpture forms an aperture that frames

the view of the city and invites viewers to look through and beyond. The sculpture’s highly polished surface allows the viewers

to watch a multifaceted reflection of themselves and their environment manifest as they circumnavigate the sculpture, outlining

the individual’s essential role in the collective and encouraging everyone to see Shanghai in their own nuanced way.


The “I” in “You” sculpture achieves structural stability through its inherent geometric symmetry, balancing the interactive forces between each member. Its scale is considered according to its correlation to the human scale and the surrounding environment. Utilising a mirror finish stainless steel material and applying it to a three-dimensional geometric form of

a diamond, the sculpture creates an ever-evolving and visually dynamic experience.

 By deconstructing the archetypal construction element of the I-shaped beam, and subsequently multiplying and re-organizing

the elements, the sculpture explores and exemplifies the infinite possibilities in their combination. The multifaceted scene reflected in the sculpture represents the myriad ways each individual understands and experiences the city of Shanghai; conversely, the sculpture reflects the city to the viewers, highlighting Shanghai’s nature as a multicultural and diverse city.


Through the strategic interplay of form and material, the sculpture encapsulates Shanghai’s diverse and inclusive character and translates it into a spatial and visual experience at the Hongqiao International Airport’s arrival hall. The sculpture’s aperture maintains a connection with the arrival gate, marking not only its exit but also the entrance to the city. Like an embrace,

The “I” in “You” is a sculpture that greets citizens and visitors alike with warmth, prefacing Shanghai’s effervescent,

contemporary and culturally rich character.

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