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Unearthing Relics of the Future  

Singapore Biennale

ArteFACT explores the concepts of space within the context and effects of modernisation in Singapore.

As a society and its people progress, artefacts are created, remoulded, destroyed and often discarded.

Where do artefacts reside or find their place they belong to?

Located in the visual art precinct at Gillman Barracks, ArteFACT, an outdoor installation artwork, relates to personal

and public spaces and how one conceives of space through installations, objects, navigations and memories.

A collaborative showcase, ArteFACT aims to engender conversations about our past, present and our aspirations for the future, and uncover for ourselves what it means to hold on to a piece of Singapore. This artwork brings practitioners across educational, musical and public relations to reach out to audience of different demographics. In doing so, ArteFACT hopes to deepen the appreciation and understanding of the concept and relevance of this multi-disciplinary work.

Concept   |   Design   |   Build   |   Branding   |   Marketing   |   Project Development & Management

Artefact Singapore Biennale
Artefact Singapore Biennale
Artefact Singapore Biennale
Artefact Singapore Biennale
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