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Singapore Merlion Park

 The year is 2021: the world is anew after recovering from the global pandemic. Once-barren places regain some of its former life and bustle, yet now everything seems to be perceived under a new lens; memories become relics of the future and the positioning of the body in space doesn’t quite effectuate the same recollections as their predecessors.

The quintessential question thus arises: was i here? 

WAS I HERE is a threefold art programme in the Singapore Art Week 2021 that encompasses a public sculpture, an interactive digital programme and an artist-led experience. At the heart of WAS I HERE lie the core themes of presence, identity and place. The programme intends to posit to its viewers the notions of existence and legacy, calling to

attention their common identity as inhabitants of a specific space.

Above all else, WAS I HERE is a social movement. It aims to proliferate an effervescent dialogue with the audience

that comprises the inquiry of thought, the fulfilment of connection and the celebration of shared experience.

Truly, I was here.

Concept   |   Design   |   Build   |   Sculpture

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